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Howdy! A short intro for all. Welcome to Miracle Mary. A website devoted to New Mexico Medical Cannabis Infused Dinners, Recipes and Tips. Plus our life in beautiful Pecos New Mexico.

Miracle Mary is my lovely wife and she’s constantly creating all types of food recipes in the kitchen. Her passion is creating unbelievable Cannabis food products for Sacred Garden of Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM.

I’m Pecos Pablo, the spouse of Miracle Mary. You may know me from roadside vending sweet products in the Pecos and Santa Fe NM area. So, listen up now. After Miracle Mary finishes her shift at Sacred Garden, she prepares a gourmet dinner for the two of us. Oh, I’m such a lucky boy! Miracle Mary work ethic is epic, but she does require rest and relaxation. So Pecos Pablo will handle the blog administration. If you throw me a teaser question or I’m stumped, Miracle Mary to the rescue.

Both of us welcome you all again to Miracle Mary. Our goal to explore the world of Cannabis edibles, CBD products and our piece of paradise, Pecos, New Mexico. Gateway to the headwaters of the Pecos River, Santa Fe National Forest, Pecos Wilderness and the Pecos National Historic Park. Check back for my most recent blog post!

Pecos Pablo

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