Welcome to Miracle Mary
    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    A secret for all, Miracle Mary has been baking from age 4 and preparing full course meals for her family since age 7. She has grown into a talented, multifaceted, food and pastry chef. Miracle Mary Cannabis food infusions heighten the palate and senses. Come and share her table.

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    Welcome to Miracle Mary

    Howdy! A short intro for all. Welcome to Miracle Mary. A website devoted to New Mexico Medical Cannabis Infused Dinners, Recipes and Tips. Plus our life in beautiful Pecos New Mexico. Miracle Mary is my lovely wife and she’s constantly creating all types of food recipes in the kitchen. Her passion is creating unbelievable Cannabis
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    Explore Pecos, New Mexico!

    We are located in beautiful Pecos, New Mexico. We encourage you to check out this beautiful place with many attractions and scenic views. Click the button below to check out some of our pictures from the place we call home.
    Pics from Pecos